Morag Turner

The Bliss Cloud a place to Just Be .......

Back in 2012 I had a vision of creating an online community were people could “Just Be”

I purchased the domain name “The Bliss Cloud” and waited for further inspiration. My life took many twists and turns but finally my vision has come into reality. I am super excited to of started this community.

My passion is to help people take steps in their lives to be happy souls to love themselves and let that ripple out to the world.

The vibration of love is very powerful when it comes to creating a life more beautiful than you can imagine.

You will get access to a monthly live workshop and monthly Q&A sessions with me. I will be there just for you.
  • Do you feel you want to create a deeper connection with your authentic self?
  • Do you feel isolated following your path on your own?
  • Could you do with loving support for challenges you may be facing.
  • Do you ever feel stressed or anxious?
  • Do you ever suffer from low moods?
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Perhaps you are not ready to work with me on a one to one basis but would love to feel nurtured and supported in an online community. Of course, I will be there to share my love with you all but more than that I want to create a place where you can “Just Be” you can find a space in the world just for you that fits into your life now.

So often we feel the need to evolve grow change our lives but taking a major leap is too daunting so come and rest and Just Be in The Bliss Cloud

Ready? Then take my hand a lets go to
The Bliss Cloud

I want the struggle to stop for you

I want you to be a happy soul because that’s when life really starts to get magical. When you deepen your connection to yourself all sorts of magic will start to unfold in your beautiful life. Your dreams will come true.

I live a Bliss Filled life in Kent by the sea. I had always dreamed of living by the ocean and back in 2016 I made it happen. I left the town I had lived in for over twenty years, my friends my successful business as a healer and teacher to move to the sea.

I sat on the beach and stared at the ocean for months trying to connect with what that vision, what my divine purpose or dharma was. I kept asking my spiritual teacher Shivani is it this or is it that and she would say no its in your heart not your head.So I sat in Bliss on my beach and waited but life was not always so blissful for me. I was born on the edge of the Malaysian Jungle and moved to the UK when I was seven. I have worked in the past on a trading floor in the City (London) and in the aquatic world of scuba diving. For many years I have been a healer, teacher, therapeutic counsellor. I knew I was on the right track with my work but there was something else – I still was not living my purpose.

I want the struggle to stop for you join us now

It physically began to hurt me because I was not in alignment with my soul purpose, so I knew I had to make radical changes. I came to my home town of Deal on a day trip and after just 20 minutes sitting on the beach knew I had to move here. So, two months later I did.

I must stress that I did all this without the support of a man, family or trust fund. I trusted and took a complete leap of faith. I knew my vision of my soul purpose or dharma would come if I opened my heart. And last year it came to me so beautifully perfect and simple my life’s purpose or dharma is to help others become Happy Souls like me. Some of my life’s lesson have been very painful but I knew that no matter how much pain they had caused me at the time I had to go through them to help others arrive at a place of Bliss where they can “Just Be”.

Where are you right now in your journey?

I know it might be hard for you to imagine a life of Bliss but I never for one moment believed I would be going out into the world sharing my vision of love like this. How do you make a comfortable livelihood from helping others feel blissful and happy?

So as soon as you join The Bliss Cloud and work with me (remember I am there for you) You will quickly know exactly what you need to do to “Just Be”.